BMW technician || Car maintenence on lockdown||PREODITIC MAINTENENCE

                           Car maintenence during lockdown

Car Preoditic Maintenence

         All cars/ vehicle need to a Preoditic Maintenence regularly for car health
  ** Check  all tyre pressure, 

  Car maintenence during lockdown

  ar maintenence during lockdown

 1.      Check brake padel for smooth braking
 2.      Check all light like Head light low b eam High beam and hazard and indicator,
 and brake bulb and reverse gear bulb etc
 3.Check engine oil level,  check brake oil
     level, check coolant level etc
4. If you do not use car regularly may be
    You used car monthly 1 or 2 day, so I
     recommended in between 3/4 or 5 day
    After start the vehicle only 20-30 minutes
   And off them, because if you don’t use car regularly basis your car battery goes down
On any time and initially not started🙂
5. Finally car clean weekend one time weekly basic and engine compartment don’t use high pressure water gun, because
 If you use high pressure water gun may be
 damage other part,. Use compressed air for

      *If seen any abnormalities in your     car Visit the car dealer and solve them* 


  Car maintenence during lockdown

                                                        Car maintenence during lockdown


Vehicle A/c System–

                                  vehicle A/c system uses only 2 purpose, 1)Journey is comfortable, and the second thing is 2)Humanity control,
        Many people told when A/c on a car continuous dropping water outside from the vehicle and home made refrigerator don’t dropping water outside , this is a simply reason 

                         “Vehicle A/c control the interior humanity,  home made refrigerators don’t do that🙂
Vehicle A/c system’s have a many component depend on types may be “Manual” or “Automatic
Components are-Compressor,Condenser,Evaporetor, Expansion valve,Low ,Suction, Discharge,and High pressure pipe Lines etc
      Automatic A/c systems have a extra component like Amplifiers
      All component have a specific role

  • compressor
  • condensor
  • expantion valve
  • evaporator unit
  • pipelines
  • fan motor


Its working principle is low pressure low tempareture refrigarent convert to high pressure high temperature refrigarent


It’s working principle is high pressure high tempareture refrigarent convert to low pressure low tempareture refrigarent

Evaporetor /cooling coil

Cooling coil is enter in evaporator unit and blower fan touch this part to out a cool air in car interrir compartment

Expantion valve

Its working principle is controlling the refrigarent quantityfrom evaporator unit based on interrior humanity; its controoled by a/c pressure switch & ambient tempareture sensor


Those part are connected to some pipelines its have a different name ;compressor to condensor are connected to discharge hose;condenser to expantion valve are connected to high pressor pipelines;expantion vaalve to compressor are connected to low pressor pipe/lequid hose/suction hose 

Fan motor

Its run in two way one is when a/c is on either when /c coolant tempareture is high

Pressure switch

It is component of pressure switch which sense the refrigarent pressure and sense pressure send to the AC Amplifier for compressur magnetic clutch on /off,if this pressure switch damaged or these wiring cut so AC compressur magnetic clutch not work and compressor are totally off

AC Fan motor

AC fan motor that is a part of vehicle AC system when ac fan motor are not working when ac switch on then AC not cooling sufficient these fan motor have a fuse these are basically some time blowing and some time fan motor damaged this why when ac on but interrir tempareture not cool down

  Vehicle refrigarent Name is             r134a 

When A/C system leakage need to enter the system is UV oil (that’s like a green colour)
    Homemade  refrigarent Name is.  r12


Automobile Brake System

                                               Automobile brake system are controlled by 4types basically
Automobile brakes goes on “PASCAL’S LAW”
1)Mechanical brake
2) Hydraulic Brake
3) Electrical brake
4)Air Brake

     1)   Mechanical brake are used some old vehicle like motor bike,scooter it’s basically used as a parking brake
    2)    Hydroulic brakes are used in Modern vehicle and rapidly hydroulic means is uses a  fluid Dot3 or Dot4 as per manufacturer recommended
   Dot3 & Dot4 it used depend on Boiling capasity
   3)Electric brakes are basically used in racing car and some sports car this brakes are regenerative type brake
  4)Air brake are used in heavy vehicle for heavy load it’s have a brake chamber🚙
     All Brakes are operated in 2 types
   1)Disc brake it’s have brake disc single piece in single side and brake pad 2pcs in single side it’s work on internal contracting method and it’s 2 piece brake pad have a different name one is “annular” and another is “circular”

  Car maintenence during lockdown

  2) Drum brakes it’s have one piece drum in single side and 2piece brake shoe in single side 2piece brake shoe name is one is leading and another is trailing🚙

Parking brake/hand brake used for down or up level path still stand by the vehicle because without hand brake used vehicle cannot be stay at the stand by hill or down level road  it connected to lever or stick type cable through brake shoe liner,if hand brake lever is loose then it is adjust the exact way because if car hand or parking brake loose car hand brake not operating and car not stand at the hill or down level road


Automobile Clutch

                                 A clutch is a device which can transform the power from another shaft to another shaft.
       Clutch is a basically 4 types according to the purpose of use
 1)Dry clutch
 2)Wet clutch
 3)cone clutch
 4)Electromagnetic clutch
   Clutch is a part of Vehicle Transmission system and its uses to easy to shift the gear
According road condition.
  Car maintenence during lockdown
 Transmission are 2 types 1)Manual Transmission and another one is 2) Automatic Transmission

 Manual transmission have a clutch padel to press increase or decrease power of vehicle
And shift to the gear according for you need
 Another one is Automatic Transmission these function are totally different better than Manual Transmission its power increase and decrease use the Brake padel
It’s have a fluid coupling system to generate the power🙂

Transmission system we are used for transfer the power one shaft to another shaft,means power transfer by driven shaft to driving shaft
Transmission oil have a specific grade
Manual transmission oil SAE90
Automatic transmission oil DII

Some vehicle transmission system have a

    Front wheel drive

    Rear wheel drive
    Front and rear both wheel drive


VVehicle self starter System

             Self starter means self starting, all four wheeler  vehicle have a self starter for start the vehicle anywhere anytime.
             Vehicle have a 12 volt lithium ion battery for initial supply the voltage to self starter 🌟and start the vehicle,self starter just a rotate the flywheel and start the engine,automobile engine are reciprocating type🙂

  Self starter component

          Self starter have a many component like self starter housing,  yoke, permanent magnet or electro magnet, starterkit plunger kit, Carbon brush or brush holder,
Starter pinion, solenoid switch, armeture with commutator, return spring or fork  these all component are used together 

  “Vehicle self starter have a more Auxiliary pinion for generate a high torque for rotate the flywheel ,.    D.C (Direct current) it is suitable for car because DC have a low volt and high amphere supply for automatically generated a high torque in starter”🙂



Starting problem diagnosis

Car have a different type of starting problem example

Crank but difficult to start
Morning time starting problem
Some time starting problem
Hot condition starting problem
Vehicle not start
Running condition start off

Crank but difficult to start

  Car maintenence during lockdown

  • Battery
  • Vehicle fuel level
  • Vehicle hand pump (if diesel car)
  • Self starter
  • If ok,check immobolizer system’s 

Morning time starting problem

  Car maintenence during lockdown

  • Battery
  • Glow plug (if diesel car)
  • Self starter -child parts

Some time starting problem

  •  Battery and terminal+/-
  •  Self starter
  •  Fuel supply system /fuel quality

Hot condition starting problem

  • Battery 
  • Self starter

Vehicle not start

Battery /leakage current check
Immobolizer system’s
Alternator charging

Running condition start off

  • Fuel supply pump
  • ECM

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